Saturday, 29 September 2018


One murky night in the stillness of sky
You bring harmony slowly in the eye
Song of creation not a parody
Every note from our heart's prosody

Do you feel someone there watching outside
Strive not to understand oh dear bride
Please stay tuned in our never ending rhythm
Let the melody flow through our heart's prism

We see all around play of life and death
Yet dawn breaks out on daily cosmic berth
Its curtain drawn aside daily dies death
Restless soul rest in thy cradle of breath

Our life like a river flow towards sea
We meet in unison with love filled plea

© 2018 B.S.Saroja

Friday, 28 September 2018

Sonnet 3

I look at him like a total stranger
A heavy fog of gloom all over spread
Abruptly I broke the silence of dread
Took off the holy ring sensing danger

Shocked by my action his eyes widened
Vowed to convince he is innocent
He knew not I am very vigilant
I knew his truth he never imagined

Panic flutters fast now in my belly
Stutters of goose bumps on the skin bristled
Better you leave me as I am puzzled
Unable to endure your lies so delly

Touch of calm like balm as he went his way
A stitch in time saves nine as the wise say

© 2018 B.S.Saroja

Wednesday, 26 September 2018


Are Joys and sorrows contradictory?
What separates them in oppositions?
Mind, heart and soul mere suppositions!
Does ego act as valedictory?

Who poured the life in living notes of joy
Is sorrow its rhyme ever since it's birth
Together do they dance till life's last berth
Oh, who make us play here like a stringed toy

There is a beauty in the depths of sorrow
Miracle of marvel beneath the joy
Weaver of this cosmos endures annoy
One self in all a very great bureau

Cute flowers of delight in every form
Rest safe in the cradle of your deathless arm

© 2018 B.S.Saroja


Is that true woman is a mystery
A big baffle all the time for a man
Deeper may be reason hiding in the can
Search for proof on pages of history

May I tell you the meaning of beauty
Surely prudence I feel not through the head
Far deeper is the reason as I said
May be is inherent in heart cutie

Man or woman not the predicament
Rather it's between head and heart
Fails the head to know the logic of heart
The heart yet knows all with no argument

Head and heart meet in meditation
That's when there is no hesitation

© 2018 B.S.Saroja

Sunday, 23 September 2018


White Rose
Unwind it's petals

© 2018 B.S.Saroja

Short poem

Seeds of morrow
In the dark depths
Of midnight sky;

Wakefulness spectres
Radiating light
On mind's sky!

© 2018 B.S.Saroja

Micro poem

Euphonious whispers
Like Scotch mist
Kissed me all over

© 2018 B.S.Saroja